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Which model should I choose for my Kindergarten age daughter?  And for me (a working professional and mom)?
In the photo here, it is a couple months before Jason's (our engineer & co-founder) son's 3rd birthday.

Two children in SAFE LOMA volume-limited headphones use Buddy Share feature to share a movie.

He's wearing the LOMA headphone, which is governed at a safe 85dB(A).  Pinna Lab's employees wouldn't put their kids in any other headphone on the market!  So LOMA is perfect for your daughter.  For you, the LOMA also fits adults, it's made from absolutely adult-looking premium materials and is a great choice if you're not using the headphone in a noisy environment, like home or a quiet office.  Also great if you may share the headphone.  The LAGUNA headphone brings active noise cancellation, so low listening levels are usable in airline cabins and other noisy environments.  We recommend LAGUNA for adults and responsible teens because the safe volume limiter can be turned off if desired.

Noteworthy: Both you and your daughter can share a movie or music from a Bluetooth source as long as one of your headphones is the LOMA model.  

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